MIMI"Babygirl, I can pay for your lifestyle. I need you."mimi one second after meeting shanks

ALIAS – fang , fanger , fangzai , that bitch , freak , toro inoue , eminem’s shoulder devil , that stupid bitch always asking me to watch movies

RELATIVES – oda sakunosuke ( bio dad ) , kurapika ( bio mom ) , kagaya ubuyashiki ( stepfather ) , peter griffin ( demon residing in mimi’s imagination ) , marshall mathers ( mimi’s human )

APPEARANCE – mimi has a bad habit of changing her face every day, so she has declared she is a shape-shifting creatura. she usually takes the form of either early 2000s anime girls, overly edgy anime game man, or mo1stkritikal. her sad shape is dazai osamu or a chainsaw man character. doesn’t matter which.

PERSONALITY – mimi is an ENTP by trade but a stupid fuck by nature. she is usually off in discord talking to mentally ill human teens and young adults about whatever weird thing she finds. she tries to exclaim her stupid ideas as tangible things, but this is mild-mannered. when she is very close, though, this polite speaking drops, and you see why she got 82% on eminem charatour. mimi is a self-declared sigma female that will soon rule all you know and love, and this becomes abundantly clear as soon as you ask her about her interests.

aesthetics :: liminalcore , webcore , vampires , twilight filter , cisman memes


this time in mimi’s life was spent around space, scrounging for whatever she could find and nibble on.she was then trapped in florida then the world showed her the cold armpit.


being in florida caused mimi as much anguish as being on xyag, xyag2, and in a relationship with about 4 of the world's worst autists did. both at once, though? mimi remembers nothing but her newfound love for anime boys she did not have before this unnormal.


mimi finally woke up! she woke up to an array 0f new friends and a slew of broken hearts behind her, and a demonic satan circle dubbed ‘walkclap.’ she also woke up to have an unconscious bias towards anything that the voices in her head dub ‘sinister.’


the only relationships mimi maintains are with her cat and the anime character of the day that is honestly bland, but mimi says she gets them on ‘another level.’

  • shanks one piece
  • beam csm
  • dante dmc5
  • big boss mgs
  • obanai iguro
  • zoro one piece
  • yae miko
  • ghostface
  • jesse mccree ( pre-transition )
  • kokushibou